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Hair Fitting


Before your hair is installed, it is YOUR responsibility to explain fully what you are hoping to achieve with your extensions, including what colour and length you would like.

A holding deposit of £50 is payable to secure all bookings.




Please ensure you arrive on time to enable us to have sufficient time to fit your extensions.

Late arrival may result in you missing your appointment slot and having to be re-booked for a later date.


Any discrepancies need to be brought to our attention at the time of fitting.


We will not be held responsible for any problems arising from anyone who has chosen to have their extensions cut, colour or styled at another salon.


We expect the remainder of payment for you required service to be paid when the appointment is complete, payment can be made by either cash or bank transfer.


The mobile appointment fee is to be paid when the appointment is confirmed. A flat rate of £40 for call out fee for Oxfordshire area, Bicester Area is free. 




A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is payable at the before your appointment to secure your booking. This amount will then be deducted from your balance on the day of fitting.


This deposit is NOT refundable if you cancel or change your appointment.


Deposits are only transferable under certain circumstances and need to be agreed prior to your appointment and this is fully down to our discretion.




The customer is fully responsible for maintaining their extensions with regular maintenance appointments which are due every 6-8 weeks.


The extensionist WILL NOT be held responsible for any damage caused to both extensions or your natural hair caused by not looking after them properly. 

From the time of leaving the salon you are responsible for looking after your new extensions and there are many factors to consider before getting extensions fitted such as THE AFTERCARE, THE COSTS INVOLVED, THE EXTRA TIME STYLING AND CARING FOR THEM AND THE HARD WORK INVOLVED.


We will not be held responsible in any way for how you treat your extensions, including perming, cutting, dying or removal by an unqualified technician.


Removal of your hair extensions should be carried out only by the hair extensionist to ensure no damage is caused to your own hair